Living Walls no ha parat de créixer, fins a convertir-se a l’actualitat en un festival mastodòntic. No pel seu budget, ja que segueix funcionant sota una lògica basada en molta autogestió, sinó pel tamany tant de les parets com dels artistes: en els seus 5 anys de vida, Living Walls ha portat a Atlanta molts dels que estan definint l’art mural actual.

Monica Campana, a native of Peru, moved to the United States in 1998 as a child but continued to feel like a visitor in her overlooked part of town well into adulthood. That’s until she turned her artistic and organizational skills to the task of transforming abandoned buildings into canvasses for artists, “living walls” with the power to catalyze conversations, change the way people think about their neighborhoods, and inspire hope. Monica Campana Co-founder and Executive Director of Living Walls, seeks to promote, educate, and change perspectives toward public space in our communities via street art. The idea behind Living Walls is to bring together artists working in the public space (street artists, graffiti writers, etc.) with those who spend their time talking about public space (urban planners, urban farmers, professors, etc.) under the same roof. Her nonprofit operates at the intersection between economic development, art, and human service. Living Walls recently picked up the award from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission for best organization of the year, and Creative Loafing put Campana on its list of the “20 People to Watch” in 2012. With examples of her work around Atlanta, Monica details the creation of a design movement that is redefining the power of public spaces while giving people a better place to call home.